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Dukan 4 Phases
The Dukan Diet consists of 4 phases - 2 steps to lose the weight and 2 steps to keep it off for life.

Before beginning, dieters should calculate their True Weight - a realistic, healthy weight that can be reached and maintained for life - at

Phase 1 - Attack
A short kick start to the diet featuring 68 Pure Protein foods.

Phase 2 - Cruise
Alternate days of Pure Protein Foods with Protein + Vegetable days to Cruise to your True Weight.

Phase 3 - Consolidation
Prevent rebound weight gain while adding back fruit, cheese, bread, some starches and Celebration Meals.

Phase 4 - Stabilization
Follow 3 Simple Rules for the rest of your life to keep the weight off forever.

Find Your True Weight

Your True Weight is unique and based on your answers to 11 questions. It is the realistic weight you can reach, then maintain for life. Find it at

View Your 4 Phase Program

Your personalized program shows you the length of each phase and how much weight you will lose during each phase as determined by the True Weight Calculator.

Join Coaching

Purchase your program, choose your start date, complete a questionnaire that will help us start coaching you, then log in to your Slimming Apartment.

Dukan Coaching is the only truly personalized online weight loss coaching program. Daily interaction makes it unique. As a Coached Member:

Every morning, you receive motivation instructions from Dr. Dukan, exercises for the day and 3 daily menus to choose from.

Every evening, you report about your day: your weight, measurements, physical activity, motivation level, frustrations, food lapses and foods you miss and this determines your daily instructions for the next morning.

Dukan Coaching - It costs less than any other online diet program - and includes full Consolidation of your True Weight.

Get Support and Motivation to Reach Your Goals!
Your Dukan Diet Coaching Program Includes:

Dukan Diet Feature 1

Access to our Support Team and Nutritionist

You can email or call our Dukan Support Team directly for help or ask them questions on our daily Live Chat.

Dukan Diet Feature 4

Daily Motivation Instructions

Every day you receive instructions to help keep your motivation strong through the diet.

Dukan Diet Feature 2

Community Support and Daily Chat

Connect and share recipes or get tips for dining out and travel. Join other Dukan Dieters on the daily Live Chat and get your questions answered.

Dukan Diet Feature 5

10% Off at

You'll get 10% off every order of our amazing products created to help you reach your True Weight.

Dukan Diet Feature 3

Hundreds of Recipes

Gourmet and simple recipes for appetizers, entreÚs, snacks and desserts for all phases of the diet.

Dukan Diet Feature 6

Personalized Daily Exercise Instructions

Daily exercise instructions for both mandatory exercises and optional exercises that will further boost your weight loss.

And More!
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